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Get your exclusive or die trying

Play as an intrepid journalist in this urban fantasy visual novel. Alison Harte, desperate for her first scoop, is sent to investigate six people who are completely, utterly normal. Until buildings start exploding. And psychotic stalkers start popping up. Actually, maybe these people aren't normal at all.


Society's misfits

Encounter a cast of unusual characters, each with a different story to tell.


Deeper secrets

Investigate what's behind the veil, and discover a few unfortunate truths.


A lush world

Uncover a captivating city with history and flavor, rendered with a beautiful hand-painted cinematic style.


Support the devs

Want to support us? We don't have a Patreon, but every sale on our store provides more funds for the development of Zodiac Axis! Get fun swag, or receive beta access so you can experience the routes as they're produced instead of waiting.