Zodiac Axis Beta Access Pledge

Zodiac Axis Beta Access Pledge


**NOTE: This item is manually fulfilled. The creator will email you within 48 hours with a download link and information.

Our Kickstarter is closed, but you can still support us by pledging for beta access!

You will receive as we produce them:

  • Digital game (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • Digital soundtrack (MP3)

  • Digital artbook (PDF)

  • Digital sticker set (PNG)

  • Beta access

You receive now:

  • Game, available routes (Common, Beckett, Leaf)

  • Available soundtracks (2) [max-quality MP3]


A visual update for the game is currently in progress, resulting the artstyle of the sprites changing. Currently, only Leaf's Story has all sprites consistently updated. For a more consistent experience for Common Route and Beckett's Story, the previous version 1.2.1 is also available, which contains all the old sprites.

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