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Content Creation

 These aren't really applicable yet since we haven't released anything, but it's a glimpse at our future guidelines for the curious!

What's your streaming policy? Can I monetize videos about your games?

We love seeing people enjoy our games, whether it's with Let's Plays, reviews, or tinfoil hat lore videos! You can monetize any of the following allowed content:

For our visual novels, you are free to upload footage of anything that's available free to the public, like demos and press materials. Short clips for reviews and lore videos are also fine. You can also livestream our visual novels in their entirety, but please do not record or save the stream.

For any gameplay-based experiences like action or strategy games, go wild! You can record and upload any amount of content that you'd like.

Can I make fan merch?

It's always a huge honor to see others create fan content. In general, we're fine with individuals selling fan merch on a small scale such as prints, charms, zines, and handmade items. We have just a few rules:

  • Make it yourself. We don't allow copying of our assets, official merchandise, or other artists' work. We also don't allow companies to sell fan merch, and we don't allow mass production of the fan merch.

  • Don't use official logos. We don't allow using official logos or trademarked terms on fan merch—since that's what we use for our own official merch!

  • Don't use made-on-demand marketplace sites like Society6, RedBubble, or Zazzle. We consider this similar to mass production.

You may sell your items at conventions and events so long as it's clear that the original IP belongs to us.

In general, if you're sensible, you'll be fine. We can't wait to see what you make!



Do you offer any internships or paid positions?

We currently don't have any openings available, but we'll be sure to let everyone know on social media if that changes!

How do I voice act for your stuff?

We partner with Yin Yang Voices, a professional casting circle, for casting most of our projects. If you're interested in auditioning for their group, consider getting in touch with them!