March dev update — Oo, shiny


Hi all, and happy April! While we didn’t make the NaNoRenO sprint, we did make huge leaps and bounds in the assets department. Overall, it was a very satisfying and productive month, and we’re really looking forward to releasing Leaf’s story to the beta testers soon!



We’re zooming towards Leaf’s Story release! There’s still a good chunk of content to finish, but it’s already starting to shape up.


Redraw Project

The redraw project is proceeding nicely—we’ve got both redrawn CGs and new CGs courtesy of Valee, making everything look super consistent! (And beautiful. Just saying.)

Character renders by Valee, backgrounds by wrothsloth and Luna Chai.


Just a note, though—while the results are super rewarding, they are time-consuming. Even at a steady pace, only 40% of the CGs are redrawn, and only 29% of the sprites are redrawn.


Our previous goal was to not delay new releases too much, so consequently, the release for Leaf’s story will only have the sprites from his route fully redrawn. We’ll still have the previous build available for the beta testers, in case they’d like to play through Common Route or Beckett’s Story with the previous art (since it’s at least consistent).

Ok, so when’s the ETA?

There are currently 6 sprites and 2 CGs left to draw, 2 songs left to compose, 2 tasks for voice acting, and 8 days of scripts left to code. This is usually a month’s work, since the majority of these tasks fall on my plate. I’d like to get Leaf’s story out by mid-April, but it’s looking more likely that there will be an end-of-April release.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and patience, and I hope that you’ll soon be able to discover Leaf’s story!