Leaf's Story Patch Notes


Leaf’s Story is now available for beta testers and beta-level backers! Huzzah! It’s ultimately about moving past the baggage and history that’s tied you down. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.


General Changes


1. Loading Screen

Thanks to Ian’s programming wizardry, we now have a loading panel! You no longer have to sit around, wondering if the game is taking so long to boot up. Now you can sit around, knowing that the game is taking so long to boot up… but with cute animals! This is a new feature, so let us know if you run into any issues.


2. Redraw Project

You might notice that the characters in Leaf’s Story now have a facelift. Plastic surgery. Anatomically operational hands. All that jazz! All assets for Leaf’s Story, whether it’s sprites or CGs, are now completely synthesized. It’s time consuming, but man if it isn’t satisfying.

Note that only Leaf’s Story’s assets are completely synthesized. You’ll notice artstyle discrepancies if you play through Common Route or Beckett’s Story. If you want a consistent experience in those parts, we’re keeping the previous release (Beckett’s Story release) available for beta testers as well, which has all the old art.


3. New CGs

Alison now has an introduction CG in Common Route, so the player almost immediately has a face to put to the name! (And the sass.)

There’s also a number of CGs replaced for the redraw project. We’re knocking these out slowly but surely!


Post-credits Changes


In our continued effort to make the structure and narrative direction of the game more clear, we’ve implemented the following changes in the post-credits part of the routes:

  • After the credits, “fin.” is now changed to “refold.”

  • There’s a tidbit new content following the credits, and it shifts with every unique route you finish. To avoid spoilers, I’ll keep quiet and let you experience it for yourself.

  • After the credits, a selection screen allows the player to jump directly to another route. You will no longer have to play through Common Route 5 times and make the same deductions 5 times.

There’s a few important notes on this selection screen:

  1. In the final release, routes will become un-selectable once they have been played through once. However, we’re not implementing this during beta access period so that testers can play through the routes as many times as necessary.

  2. The post-credits sections and transitions are not finalized and subject to change.

  3. A CG is in development for the post-credits scene and will go live with the next update (Halt’s Story).


Issues Under Development

1. Performance updates

While we’ve slipped in a few performance improvements, there is still occasional lag when loading new images or opening menus. We’re investigating these issues.

2. Typos

Beckett’s Story now has a number of typos corrected. Big thanks to our beta testers for catching these and faithfully reporting them!

3. Missing journal entries

I still haven’t designed a few journal entries, so they will show up as placeholders in your journal. These will be slowly knocked out throughout the development of Halt’s Story, Zax’s Story, and True Route.