June dev update — Back from vacation!


Hello all! I’m back from my (theoretical) vacation and am (metaphorically) gloriously tanned from (thematically) sunbathing on a (digital) beach, ready to fling myself back into the life of gamedev!

Basically, when I finished Beckett’s Story back in the day, I immediately threw myself into working on Leaf’s Story… which was, as it happened, a terrible decision. I was entering Leaf’s Story already creatively burned out. This time, I took one month as a creative break, working on art, creative works, and games that were fun and energizing. (I also fully intended to clean my desk, but somehow, that didn’t happen.)

I can already feel a huge difference. I’m entering Halt’s Story feeling creatively refreshed, and I’m super excited to show you all his story! But we all know that you’re here for the pictures, not the unnecessarily personal anecdotes, so here’s some WIP visuals for you all.


Concept Work

The story of Halt’s route is completely planned out, with around 50% of the script written, so most of the current work is developing the visuals of the Lower.

I haven’t shown concept work before because I’m kind of self-conscious on how sucky my sketches are, but… well, then I realized that’s the whole point of these updates. What’s the fun of a dev update if you don’t get to see the crap before the polish?


As with all the other routes, Alison gets a new outfit in Halt’s Story to fit her circumstances more. Earthy colors blend her into the slums, while loose clothes make it easy for her to move in. Also edgy, completely unnecessary asymmetry, because that’s an anime staple.


Halt also gets a new outfit. Less meme, more practical. No more “Bye Felicia” shirt. Wonder what he’ll be doing?


And a new character is arriving! She’s my favorite character for completely silly reasons, and I’ve been extremely excited to show her for years!


As always, wrothsloth is delivering with jaw-droppingly gorgeous BGs. She’s so ahead of schedule that she’s moving on to Zax’s Story BGs.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.42.14 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.42.01 PM.jpg

And Valee is hard at work with beautiful new CGs.


Progress Brief


Thanks for joining me this month! Standard progress will resume and I hope to start filling out those progress bars over the next month.