July dev update — Pirates?!


It’s time to hit the Lower! Welcome to the lively slums of the city; despite lacking in wealth and boasting a high crime rate, it has its own unique and beautiful culture. Enjoy your stay and try not to die. (Halt’s Story contains the largest number of bad ends in the game, or at least that’s how it’s turning out so far.)

Alison will meet some vibrant new characters along the way. Some will help her in her survival, some will hinder her, and some will manage to do both at the exact same time.


She’s a pirate

“You’ll kill me, hm? That’s a bit unkind. I’ve been nothing but hospitable to you.”

Armed with a blunderbuss and the most over-the-top hat known to mankind, this woman appears unusually polite and elegant for someone in the Lower. Maybe there’s something hiding behind that smile. Or maybe she’s just nice. Haha who am I kidding no one is nice in this visual novel.

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 2.25.09 PM.jpg

Halt’s update

I managed to draw 5 sprites this month, and it’s been fun to see the improvement for Halt. I think he’s one of the characters who’s benefited from the style change the most—the more defined and semi-realism look really suits him.


CG work

Currently I’m working on the backgrounds for Halt’s Story CGs, so those aren’t quite ready to show. But in the meantime, here’s a peek at some of Valee’s awesome work! In addition to rendering new CGs for Halt’s Story, she’s also redrawing the character renders of our old CGs from previous artists for the Redraw Project.


The Cat’s intro CG is now a proper unique CG… as if he needed a reason to be any more popular. Oh well.


This CG is actually live in the current build, but Leaf’s intro is also successfully redone!


Aaaaaand here’s Beckett in a masterfully redone CG.

It’s been so great to see everything synthesizing—sprites, CGs, and backgrounds, all feeling cohesive and part of the same world. I can’t wait to show you more!


Reward Update

We also fulfilled the PSD files reward for the relevant Kickstarter backers. Feels great to finally cross something off the list, especially when they’ve had to wait for so long. I’ll be aiming to get the other rewards done in a more timely manner. Most of the rewards are waiting for the game to finish (like the artbook and sheet music), but the digital stickers and stationery are in progress.


Report Card


That’s all for this month. I’m starting to input the script and cues into the engine, so look forward to some more screenshots next month!