February dev update — NaNoRenO sprint!


Whoops. Ever wake up, look at your calendar, and go, “huh, I think I’m overdue on the monthly dev update.”

Sorry for the delay, but here’s the update for February!


Art Previews

Since Valee is ahead on CGs, she’s been redrawing some of the old ones from Common! I have to say that while this is a lot of work, the result is absolutely beautiful—and most importantly, the experience now feels consistent between in-CG universe and out-of-CG universe. The CG work is a tag team with Valee doing the beautiful character renderings, and me doing the BGs/lighting effects.


And some previews of wrothsloth’s gorgeous backgrounds! Hopefully you’ll get to see these in action soon!


We also have Elphaze doing amazing work with the flashback CGs!


Leaf’s Story?

The goal is to get Leaf’s story finished (at least in alpha state) in March for our NaNoRenO challenge! There’s a lot of work left to do since I’ve been behind for so long, but I’d really like to finish this game sooner than later, so… on we go!


The redraw project left a pretty sizable delay on Leaf’s story, but I’m aiming to make significant progress for NaNoRenO season. Hope to see you all on the other side!