August dev update — Writing away!


Happy almost-autumn, everyone! I used this month to really focus on writing, since that’s the area that’s the most behind. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for a very interesting update because there’s no pictures, but I thought this would be a cool opportunity to talk about the writing process (and why it takes me so long to handle story).

Current status of Halt’s route. Word count applies to raw content (before coding inputs or cues).

Current status of Halt’s route. Word count applies to raw content (before coding inputs or cues).

Stages of scriptwriting tend to go through the following steps:

  1. Roughed. Brain vomit at 2 am. Write everything as it happens in my brain, turning off my inner editor. Usually rife with typos and grammatical errors, unusual moments, and questionable plot consistency.

  2. Written. Script, now edited and cleaned, with some sections rewritten. Sometimes it takes multiple steps to get here. For example, Leaf’s intro scene was completely rewritten 3 times, and edited another 2 times. Most scenes are rewritten once and edited twice.

  3. Scripted. Script imported into the game engine. Cues like characters, images, sound effects, music, and visual effects are added.

  4. Shipped. Script is played through and refined, and typos are cleaned. Ready for player experience.

One script can take weeks to finish—tightening up the pacing, cutting out unnecessary content, altering dialogue to reflect characters’ personalities in a stronger way, tuning descriptions to make them evocative, et cetera. Since writing is my number one passion, it turns me into a perfectionist, which... basically means I just take a long time to do anything. I’m working on that part of me, cough.

Anyway! This is all to say that Halt’s route will probably be around 50,000 words (around the length of a typical novel, or half of Common Route). Sadly, I don’t know how long Beckett’s or Leaf’s was, because I imported their scripts before running the word count. Oops.


The Show Must Go On

Writing aside, wrothsloth has completely finished all BGs for both Halt’s route and Zax’s route! The only ones left are for True Route. Which is kind of why I’m focusing on the writing, since she’s steamrolling so far ahead of me.

Here’s a preview of the beautiful BG she made for Zax’s apartment:


Valee and Elphaze have also continued work in the CGs for Halt’s route. Here’s a wonderful memory CG from Elphaze for a small peek into his past:


For Valee’s CGs, I still have to sit down and knock out a bunch of the backgrounds so I can show the previews. I might throw up an art livestream on my Twitch to help me focus on this.


Thank you!

That’s all for this month! Sorry that there’s not many visual previews. I’m hoping to finish Halt’s scripts next month, and then there should be more interesting things to show for it.