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Zodiac•Axis is a visual novel that blends suspense, romance, and Asian-inspired fantasy elements using charming characters and a lush worldlore.

You play as Alison Hart, a fresh-out-of-college journalism graduate who is shortly employed at an infamous online tabloid. At first, you're not worried—even when you're assigned to investigate six people who are rumored to carry the Spirits of the Zodiacs. It's just a nonsensical tabloid job. Right?

Stay alert

Make a myriad of entertaining choices and discover 50+ hours of game content.

Stay appealing

Romance five guys! Not simultaneously.

Stay alive

Shape Alison's skillset so that she stays alive. Er, writes good articles.

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The demo covers the first portion of the game. It offers roughly 3 hours of gameplay.

File size: 220 MB.

Developer Roadmap

Dev Log 1

Zodiac•Axis is a project in development, made possible thanks to our wonderful backers. We're doing our best to release the game in a polished and timely manner, though delays are expected due to the scale of the visual novel.


Pre-Alpha Demo
JAN 2017  |  Public release. Completed!

Kickstarter Launch
FEB 2017  |  Successfully funded!

Demo Release
OCT 2017  |  Public release. Completed!

Common Route
eta. JAN 2018  |  Backers-only release.

Leaf's Route
eta. MAY 2018  |  Testers-only release.

Beckett's Route
eta. SEP 2018  |  Testers-only release.

Halt's Route
eta. JAN 2019  |  Testers-only release.

Zax's Route
eta. MAY 2019  |  Testers-only release.

Beta Full Release
eta. OCT 2019  |  Testers-only release.

Full Release
eta. NOV 2019  |  Public release.

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(Of course, thanks to the successful Kickstarter, the game will be made either way. Further funds will simply allow us to contract more art, music, and voice acting.)


Due to requests from international customers, we are also now accepting Paypal preorder pledges.

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