Our Story.

Nothing flashy here.

We're just an eccentric pair of pastor's kids who like to play games.

On May 11, 2016, Luna Chai began heading up Zodiac•Axis. Because visual novels are pretty swell.

And for now, that's all the history there is.

Luna Chai Li  

Creative Director

Luna Chai is a stubborn writer obsessed with thematic coherence. As a failure of an Asian, she has no high school diploma or college degree or special awards and is generally mediocre at peopling. Thankfully, she's blessed to be loved by a wonderful family and a God who doesn't care about doctorates.

FAV MEDIA  Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Bastion, Signal (์‹œ๊ทธ๋„)


Game Design
Public Relations

Antioch hates descriptions. What a hipster.

FAV MEDIA  League of Legends, Starcraft, My Hero Academia

Mission Statement

These worldviews are indicative only of the leadership at Studio Theophilus and do not reflect the worldviews of employees, contracted labor, or business partners.

Concerning Creativity

Mankind was created to be creative.
One of our unique characteristics is our capacity to be creative, like our Father is creative. (Exodus 35:31-32, Proverbs 22:29, Psalm 19:1)

Excellence is a reflection of stewardship and and well-cultivated talent, and should be highly encouraged.
We love high-quality work because it shows dedication, discipline, and diversity. We strive for high quality work because it shows that we have been good stewards of the resources and talents that we have been given. (Matthew 25:14-30, Proverbs 22:29)

Dream big.
We're not made to think small. We strive to explore innovation, push boundaries, and take calculated risks for innovation and progress, even if the result is unpredictable. (Ephesians 3:20)

Priorities in Development

Thematic coherence.
We believe as storytellers that humanity naturally craves themes that are sensible, beautiful, and true. We'll do our best to reflect this in our narratives.

Purpose-driven reflection of reality.
The world is flawed and humanity is broken, but there is hope because of our Savior. We will not shy away from tough content and conflicts in our narratives, but in everything, we will also share themes of hope that reflects the hope in us. No perfect characters will be found in a Studio Theophilus work because reality does not have perfect people.

Respect in diversity.
People are different. Cultures are different. Characters and cultures may come from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether those backgrounds are fictional or not. In such cases, we will seek to be respectful of portraying different opinions and ideas. (Luke 10:25-37)

Internal Standards

Love for all, allegiance to One.
As mankind was created specially by God, every person deserves human dignity and respect. No matter what appearance or background, everyone should be treated with honor. However, we will firmly stand by our moral convictions, and will not change our viewpoints to satisfy someone else.

Due diligence.
We are expected to be polite, punctual, and disciplined in our work, as it reflects our internal character.

Fiscal stewardship.
All money received has been entrusted to us by customers and by our Lord, and should be not treated frivolously. Let each purchase be a wise investment, whether in furthering the quality of our products, in people, or in eternity.

Graceful attitude.
We're only human, and we will make mistakes. We are expected to be humble and authentic, acknowledging our mistakes and being open to feedback to improve. Likewise, we are expected to be graceful towards others. Mistakes can always be an avenue for character growth.